Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018

I feel like the day after Christmas the candy isles at Target, and drugstores are literally lined in red, pink, and white! Every time I see the heart shaped boxes, I think to myself already, for Valentines? But who else is with me, heart day is a holiday that ALWAYS creeps up on me! Here we are l week away from Valentine’s and umm I haven’t gotten my S.O. (or myself ;)) anything yet! I’m compiling some awesome Valentines gifts for the significant other in your life, galentines, affordable and if you’re celebrating by splurging on something for yourself, then I’ve got you covered too.




-UNDER 50-

What are you up to this Valentine’s Day? Do you go all out, or keep it causal? I would love to know what you like to give/receive on v-day, leave them in the comments below.

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