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I admit I’m a MAJOR over-packer! It doesn’t matter if its a weekend get-a-away or a 7 day cruise I’m going to have 57 bags FULL! So, I decided this trip that I was going to try my best at packing the bare minimum! But, lets be honest make up is one of the most important things I pack! Same with make up with clothes, I will have 86 lipsticks packed and only wear 2. The struggle is REAL! I will probably be on a plane to LA as you are reading this but I wanted to let you know my “ride or die” make up products I pack with me that I know will perform and last all day! What are your go to products while you are on vacation? What beauty products do you HAVE to have? BLOG SIGNATURE





  • L’Oreal Pro Matte Foundation (Sun Beige) – I have been a long time fan of this foundation, and I always find myself using it when I know that I need my make up to last all day! I’m always amazed too and how this foundation really does blur out the look of my pores! It is also great for people with combination to oily skin and will keep a matte finish all day!
  • Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation (Golden Beige) –  I literally packed a tiny sample size container of this foundation because when I say this foundation goes a LONG way I mean it. I probably use less than a pea-size amount on each portion of my face and I’m good to go! I will say if you use too much of this foundation it can go cakey 0-100, quick! So just be really careful and build this foundation up to your liking of coverage. But just like the L’Oreal Pro Matte Foundation this one really does last all day and it great at keeping my t-zone under control!



  • HD Pro Concealer – LA Girl  Classic Ivory – This concealer is so beautiful on the skin! It blends out to perfection, doesn’t cease or make the under eye look dry. I have mila under my right eye and I have a hard time finding concealers that don’t emphasize the texture. You seriously can’t beat the price either, under $5. I love this concealer so much that I also pack a darker shade (Chestnut) to cream contour with!



  • Laura Mercier Translucent Powder – You have probably heard everyone and their mom talk about this powder, but for good reason! This powder works for so many different things. I don’t bake my make up on a daily basis but when I know I’m going to be wearing my make up for a long period of time I will and I love to use this powder to really carve out that contour. This powder makes your skin look absoutely flawless. If you do have dry skin I would still recommend using this powder but also use it with a setting spray that way your skin won’t look overly dry.


Mac - Give me sun

  • MAC Give Me Sun – If you have been following me for awhile you will probably notice that this is my go-to bronzer/blush. I love orange tone blushes on myself personally so if I’m on vacation or just on a daily basis will use this as blush and bronzer to warm up the skin. Give Me Sun is very warm toned and I think looks beautiful on tan skin, but if you have super fair skin I would probably try a bronzer like Physican’s Formula Butter Bronzer.

Contour Pallete:


  • Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette – I LOVE THIS PALETTE! I don’t know why I just put that in all caps but I feel like it deserves it! There are 3 highlighting and 3 contour shades in this palette perfect for any skin tone! I never travel without this palette, you wouldn’t even need to bring a bronzer shade if you didn’t want to if you pack this palette! I heard that Kat Von D is making single pan shades of this palette and thank goodness because I have hit pan on the banana highlight setting shade. The powders are so creamy and buttery and never look patchy or chalky! If you are in the market for a contour palette try this one, you won’t be disappointed!



  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Sun Dipped – I’m a little highlighter obsessed! I like a variety of shades and tones so this palette from ABH is perfect to travel with if you are a highlight junkie like I am. The shades are completely stunning and you can’t go wrong with a little glow! Who am I kidding, ALOTTA glow 🙂
  • Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops Sunlight – I have been wanting to talk about these for so long on the blog, but when I first purchased mine they were all sold out. I’m completely obsessed with this liquid highlighter. It is shear liquid metal for you skin. The glow and luminosity it gives to your skin is UNREAL! I love to use these so many different ways! I like to mix it into my foundation to give more of a luminous sheen to my foundation, on top of my cheek bones and I like to wear a couple of drops in my moisturizer when I’m not wearing any make up to give my skin the appearance of healthy, beautiful glowy skin!



  • Morphe 35 O Palette – This is a cult favorite make up palette for good reason, have you seen this palette – it screams FALL perfection! I love warm toned eye shadows and this palette has the most beautiful shades. The metallic shades are so metallic and creamy! They are reason alone to buy this palette. I will be honest some of the darker matte shades are a little inconsistent in blendability, but like I said the metallic shades in this palette are reason alone to pick it up! Plus you get 35 shadows for $22.99, you seriously cannot beat that price. Some shadows alone cost that much!
  • NYC Cosmetics City Proof 24H Waterproof Liner– I have also been wanting to talk about this liner, it will definitely be in my October favorites. I have tried every black eyeliner under the sun – high end and drugstore. I had been using the Marc Jacobs eyeliner and I can tell you that this one works even better. I always have an issue with eyeliner not staying in the waterline or running and this one seriously lasts in the water line ALL day! It’s under $5 so pick it up next time you are at the drugstore!
  • MAC Extended Play Gigablack Mascara – I don’t use this mascara day to day because it is waterproof but when I’m traveling or have to wear my make up for a long period of time I always use this mascara. I love this mascara because it separates the lashes nicely and it doesn’t flake or run. I wear contacts so I need a good mascara that is going to stay put and this one does just that!



  • Anastasia Dip Brow Taupe – I’m a big fan of dip brow, but a little bit goes a long way! I have been using this product a little different lately and have been loving the outcome. I actually will pick up a little bit on my finger and spread it onto a spooley brush and then comb the product through my brows. This method makes the brows look so natural and fluffy! I have no brows, so anything that makes it look like I have hair is A+ in my book!



  • Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick  Committed – This is one of the best liquid lipstick formula I have tried and not to mention this shade is perfection! It’s the perfect trending mauve lip color. I have been wearing it with a little bit of ABH Pure Hollywood right in the center and have been loving that combo!
  • Revlon Color Bust Lip Gloss Bellini – I have only been able to find this gloss on Amazon since they discontinued it, but it is by far my favorite lip gloss EVER! I have 2 back up tubes and contemplating buying several more. I will seriously cry if I ever run out! This lip gloss is the perfect nude pink shade and it has the perfect sheen to it that makes your lips look so big! I also really love the formula too! Please bring this lip gloss back Revlon!



  • Koko Lashes Queen B – I have talked about these lashes so many times on my blog and Instagram posts. These lashes are by far my favorite lashes! They can take your whole look 0- HERO real quick! They are very dramatic and wispy without being too voluminous so they don’t way down the eye. I can wear these all day and never have a problem.


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