Have Dry, Dehydrated Skin? You NEED this sheet mask!


http://blogs.hostipy.com/bioper/3206 I was browsing in Ulta a few weeks back, and noticed they now are carrying several new skin care brands and sheet masks. Already intrigued I decided to stock up on a few that caught my eye. I intended on doing a full review of all the masks that I picked up, but I absolutely fell in LOVE with the first one I tried.

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http://aquanetta.pl/?kostromesp=opcje-binarne-vs-forex&aa6=50 LEADERS Insolution – Daily Wonders, Bye Bye to Dry Intense Hydrating Mask –  This baby will only cost you 4 bucks, and works wonders! When I first opened the package the and started to unfold the mask, I noticed immediately that it was very saturated in what felt like a serum or gel like consistency. As the directions stated, I gently pulled apart the mask and placed it on my face. The mask itself was fit very well, and stayed on my face through application without being a nuisance or annoying slipping or sliding, it was actually nice and relaxing to wear! On contact the mask is very cooling and has a gel like feeling, the serum is very hydrating feeling and leaves your skin feeling pump, hydrated, and beautiful. I tend to have dehydrated looking skin especially in the forehead area, and I was shocked at how my skin looked after taking the mask off only after 15 minutes. The directions then stated to press the additional product into your skin after taking off the mask to insure that the serum penetrates into the skin. I absolutely loved how this made my skin feel, I didn’t even feel like I had to moisturize my skin after the process, which is always a must for me! I did the mask right before going to bed, and the next morning my skin still looked like it did when I took off the mask, hydrated, radiant, and youthful! I will defiantly be repurchasing, and stocking up on these! If you have dehydrated, dry or dull skin I would definitely check these masks out!

see *This mask is exclusively sold at Ulta.

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