Favorite Workout Wear For Summer


I workout in a CrossFit gym that doesn’t have A/C and in the summer months here in Texas, it gets HOT. I mean so hot you could make your eggs for breakfast on the sidewalk hot. So, I try to plan my workout clothes around the blistering heat, and I like to wear something that is going to be comfortable, cool, and breathable.







I started working out 5 years ago consistently, and fell in love with fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle! It now has definitely become part of my daily routine. On average I typically workout 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day. Working out makes me feel more confident, and it also sets a good example for my family, friends and colleagues. I like to stay fit incorporating several different kinds of fitness, varying from CrossFit to Yoga to Olympic Weightlifting. But I have a little confession to make, I’m completely obsessed with workout clothes! I love to wear workout clothes that I can transition into street wear, if I have errands to run or meet someone for lunch or dinner. Truth be told, when I began working out it was difficult sometimes to get motivated to go to the gym. But the more and more I started going I began to buy more workout clothes and I quickly realized if you feel good and look good in the clothes you are working out in, it becomes easier to get up and go! Β It makes your workout more fun to get fit looking stylish and put together. Here are some of my favorite pieces to get fit in the summer heat :


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